Ben Tow-Trucks buys your car for cash from Hadera to Gedera. Best prices in Israel!

Ben Tow Trucks - buys your old, wrecked or boneshaker of a car - cash in hand. Call today and get an estimate on meet-up. Our number is +972(0) 52-339-0787.

Old cars are a hazard, and basically an accident(s) waiting to happen, it is not recommended to host these in your parking space.

Kids running around, rust building up risking you getting tetanus or pets getting trapped - it’s all very bad.

The upside of using Ben Tow-Trucks is the unbelievable ease, thanks to his fleet of tow-trucks Ben can get to you FAST from Hadera to Gedera.

Ben will get to your door and collect your car easy-peasy lemon-squeezy (even if your car isn’t a lemon itself).

Ben will buy your car in ANY condition


Is your car old but drivable? WE’LL GET IT!

Is it a rusty clunker? SHE’LL CLUNK WITH US!

Is it a total-loss of a car? NO IT’S NOT!

We can get it old and rusty, smushed and wrinkly, big and small, enslaved or with an off-road notice.


Ben Tow Trucks can get to your place, get the car and leave only CA$H!! Call +972(0)52-339-0787 and get an estimate.

Can’t I just sell it to parts myself?

Sure you can! Though the process entails you contacting one that won’t rip you off, get the car there, haggle and get back home. somehow.

Usually with cars that have had an accident this is more of an issue, because to get the car there - you need to get a tow anyways!

In this manner - selling the car yourself might even cost you more, or leave you with a tiny profit margin - we for one, don’t think it’s worth it.


Is your car stuck on the side of the road?

Yeah that’s no problem for us, however we will use this opportunity to let you know that by law, you can only leave your car stranded like that on the side of the road for 24 hours ONLY.

This will ultimately result in a fine.

Avoid a fine, clear the road - Ben Tow-Trucks will get your car WHEREVER it may be.

Call now +972(0) 52-339-0787 to do your civil duty and avoid unnecessary fines!

Do you have a mini-bus? An actual size bus? A friggin semi-trailer?

Ben Tow-Trucks and his fleet of Tow-Trucks have small tow-trucks for small narrow streets, and big tow-trucks for heavy duty vehicles.

Ben Tow Trucks - buys your old, wrecked or boneshaker of a car - CA$H IN HAND. Call today and get an estimate on meet-up. Our number is +972(0)52-339-0787.




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